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0008 Turning Nicholai Tesla’s innovations into today’s realities

Frank Germano on yesterday’s innovation serving us today.

Frank has an extensive background in Innovative Mechanical Designs and is Aerospace & Acoustical Engineer.

frank germano closeup aug 2009

A man that see’s possibilities in innovation and is not afraid to pursue something he sees as a possibility. He has for the last few years been liberating Tesla’s dream of free energy, but has come across the usual suspects in blocking creative energy that serves mankind; but that does not deter him, for he is always looking at things from a different angle to see what other innovative ideas can be done with them, and that is what we reveal today.

Frank is a great guy who loves to look on the bright side of life and even though he knows that there are those that will always look to the negative but chooses to see those possibilities that life has to offer in its divine way. He is a man of many talents and has MA equivalent; in Music Performance and Theory from Berklee College of Music, Boston

He is currently using Nicole Tesla’s innovations to enhance our health and well-being, tune in to know what you can do to have better mind body and wellness health. 



For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:  CLICK HERE


And played for the United States Army Show Band – anyone who loves music free energy love and possibilities is a-ok with me.

You can catch all of Frank’s show RIGHT HERE


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