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0008 The Long Diatribe:

Premiering 10-21-2013. 8 pm pst.  Positive reader reactions, praise for Mia Matters, thoughts on female promiscuity across history, and emails from men complaining about their wives.

In this week’s show, Milt goes off on several long tangents after first showing gratitude to his readers; he then fields some positive comments about his wife, Mia Matters, and her appearance on the show; he answers an email asking if Women have ever been more lascivious (“oh yes!”), and addresses complaints from men who feel the focus of the relationship should remain on them.

More on Milt. -shows/members/r-milton-quibner/ R. Milton Quibner, Author, How High Should I Jump? The Satirical Guide to Pleasing Today’s Woman


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