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0008 Meditation-Well-Being-Forgiveness with Tina

Premiering 10-14-2013. 7 am pst. Weight of your mind with with Tina Nies Start your day of right.

Meditation Mondays are intended to help us relax into the energy of a new week. Tina leads a simple meditation to help us set positive intentions for the week. These short meditations will integrate positive affirmations personal to you and your needs!

It’s Well-Being Wednesday!  Today we’ll talk with Ryan Lock about letting go of limiting beliefs. Ryan is the founder and author of Be Your Own Publicist (, and is a writer and lifestyle entrepreneur based between Ibiza and Canada.

Forgiveness Friday. Tina shares an interview with Jennifer Westby, author of “Six Days of Kindness: grieving with love and a purpose.” She is also the founder of and is currently filming a documentary about her work!


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