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0008 Beauty and the Beast Beliefs

Premiering 23 & 25 th 1 pm pst. Love of Self with Susan Turnbull. The beauty industry is slated to reach $630 Billion by 2017. Why? What is it about cosmetics and skin care – for both men and women that we take our hard earned dollars and put into our tight budgets for?

Plastic Surgery is on the rise for both men and women – why? What is it we are working so hard to achieve?

Every single human being on the planet struggles with the concept of “beauty”. What is “beauty”? Is it something we hold and touch? Or is it something we feel? An “essence” or an “energy”?

Regardless of your culture or where in the world you live, we all aspire to look and feel beautiful. But what if you don’t? What if you struggle to feel and look beautiful according to what your perception of that word or feeling is?

More on Susan. /members/susan-turnbull/

Don’t miss the next episode of “Breakthrough!” where Susan Turnbull will talk about the root cause of why we struggle so much to look and feel beautiful and what you can do to begin to feel just how beautiful you really are.


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