0007 Sahaja Meditation is a unique discovery

Premiering 10-14-2013. 7 am pst. Meditation Mondays are intended to help us relax into the energy of a new week. This week, please enjoy a beautiful guided meditation.


10-14-2013 7 am pst. Wednesday. It’s Well-Being Wednesday! 

Today we’ll hear from Australian Author, Katherine Bright (ND) has worked in alternative health for 30 years as a naturopath, medical intuitive, alternative therapist, spiritual healer/counsellor and reiki master, Founder of the Theta Resonance At All Levels, modality she communicates directly with God as an amazingly accurate and skilled channel and healer. Katherine’s skills also include  being a radio host, professional musician, songwriter, and vocalist.

10-16-2013. 7 am pst Forgiveness Friday Part Three of Four

Tina shares another step in a powerful process to forgive yourself for just one thing, to let go of the power this one thing may have over you now. Whether it’s a big thing or little, this process will give you a tool to move forward in a practice of forgiveness of yourself. We’ll continue to develop this tool over four weeks!

Tina Nies.


and respect as foundations for success and happiness through programs

about Love, Smiles, and the Power of Choice.

Tina Nies

Author, Speaker, Trainer for Youth and Community Programs


More on Tina shows/members/tina-nies/


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