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0007 Medical Choices: The questions your doctor won’t ask you

 Dr. Manon Bolliger on medical choices and what you doctors does not ask you.

 Dr. Manon  Bolliger was born in Toronto in 1962 and currently resides and practices in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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She is the authoWhat Patients Don’t Say if Doctors Don’t Ask – The Mindful Patient-Doctor Relationship, ( ), radio host of the program called “Synergy Dialogues ™ in Health”, director of Cornerstone Health Centre, that promotes patient consciousness in the healing process and founder of Bowen College Inc.

During the past two decades, she has treated thousands of patients from rural farmers in Nova Scotia to corporate stressed out CEOs in Toronto, to Tri-Athletes in BC. This diversified experience, not only in the range of required skills in health care and in pain relief, but also the differing mindsets that people have towards their bodies, has really helped her hone down the importance of the doctor-patient relationship and being able to truly listen and respond from the place where people are coming from.

She helps each patient understand how their unique healing process occurs and the part they have to play in it. This goes beyond a cure for any single symptom. Her goal is to help her patients discover that health is freedom not only on a physical level, but on an emotional, mental and spiritual level as well.

Her passion for healing from the inside out has led her to specialize in Classical homeopathy and the Bowen Technique.

Dr. Bolliger serves as the Chair of the homeopathic department at Boucher Naturopathic College since 2004 where she teaches classical homeopathy. She is also a Board member for the DHANP.

She has pioneered the creation of Bowen College, the first Canadian College of its type to embrace the legacy of Tom Bowen. She has taught the Bowen Technique to more than 800 professional health care practitioners, including, NDs, MDs, psychologists, Nurses, Homeopaths, RMTs, Chiropractors, Doctors of Osteopathy and many practitioners in the healing arts. She offers entry-level workshops, like Reboot Your Body™ that teaches methods to reset the body so that it can heal. She has also contributed significantly to the body of knowledge with the BowenFirst ™ approach.

Each of  her shows will be played 5 times a day at

8 am. 11 am. 9pm pacific time.

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