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0006 Swimming Out to Your Boat

Premiering 10-07-2013 2 pm pst 10 pm UK.with Jenny Garret. Vanessa Vallely, a stunning example of female entrepreneurship.

vanessavallely-341x250 (2)

Airing Monday, repeating Wednesday & Fridays at 2pm PST Canada 10 pm in the UK

Hear about:

  1. Why you need to swim out to your boat

  2. How your background should never hold you back

  3. How being authentic pays dividends

Don’t miss this interview on the Rocking Your Role Show, it will give you just the boost you need to ACT on your dreams.

You can find out more about Vanessa and her work here

For more on Jenny and her past shows go to /members/jenny-garrett/


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