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0006 Ask Sara about the Signs in Life.

Premiering 10-07-2013 5 pm pst. Are you paying attention to the signs of life?


You think that you are having a premonition, a flash of something to come. You may have déjà-vu, a flash back, a coincidence, but no matter what it is, it is a sign, a map of where to go and in how to get there. You may call it instinct, or intuition, tapping in to your sixth sense.

We hear things but do not listen. We see things but do not believe our own eyes. We touch things with our own hands but do not believe what we are feeling. We sense something but again we do not trust what our instincts may be telling us.

Let us look at the signs of life and see what they mean to us and in how we can hear them.

Show airs Monday repeated again Wednesday and Friday 5 pm pst.

For full article on signs  are-we-listening-to-the-signs-of-life/

Next week about embracing our Birthdays as a gift of living.


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