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0005 Psychic awareness can sustain balance.

Premiering 09-30-2013 10 am pst. Tune in and learn how Psychic awareness can sustain balance .

Join Michelle and Jackie as they discuss the importance of finding what being balanced means to you.

They discuss:

  1. What being balanced means to them

  2. They give their opinion of what it means to be balanced in motion versus being balanced in stillness.

  3. The importance of learning to find a balance that makes sense in today’s crazy world.

  4. What we need to be looking at within ourselves to bring balance into our lives.

  5. The importance of understanding the multidimensional self and how it relates to balance.

  6. How we need to live as a body as well as a spirit and the need to bring all parts of ourselves to the surface.

  7. Learning to listen to our messages.

We hope you enjoy the show and look forward to any questions or comments you have!  When leaving us a question just reference the show number and leave it on our page!  Enjoy!

More on Jackie & Michelle. /members/jackie-and-michelle/


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