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0005 Conscious Business Conversations

Premiered.  09-30-2013  The New Game Changers in Business: Relationships and Values with Pamela Lynch and Peter Comrie.


Peter Comrie explains with precision how we have governed ourselves through the past 60 years and helps to navigate us through the new social organizing principle: Relationship. He explains the impact guiding principles have on our society, and how the flip side of the same coin is values. It is with a deep understanding of the human psyche and years of studying values that he is able to reveal the four quadrants in the Values Blueprint TM with such clarity. When our core values align with our natural abilities, we are operating in our genius and business success is more achievable. Knowing our core values and understanding the values of others within our family, work environment, and community enable us to recognize and build more effective and rewarding relationships.  To discover your values, and learn more about The Values Blueprint TM and the team responsible for this breakthrough tool go to:

Peter Comrie is the co-founder and principal coach with Full Spectrum Leadership, and is The Leader’s Coach and a Human Capital Specialist. He is an industrial psychologist who is fascinated by the human condition.  As an entrepreneur, lecturer, scholar, and specialist in human dynamics, Peter is a leader who achieves results. He holds open the door for us to consciously co-evolve to improve our human condition.



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