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0004 How and why you need to get your stories published

 Sara Troy host of positive Living Vibrations interviews Julie Salisbury who was born with a book in her mouth and the love of reading has never left her. 

Julie Salisbury is the Author of “Around the World in Seven Years”.  She is also the co-founder of a non-profit which supports education and well-being of women and children in Cambodia.

 She has been featured as a radio talk show guest on many shows, and guest on British TV (Anglia TV and satellite) and Shaw TV Daily show in Victoria and Cowichan Valley B.C. three times (voted best of the year).

 Born in Leicester, England, Julie succeeded early in her 10 year marketing profession and by the age of 32 owned her own Victorian home overlooking the golf course, drove a Mercedes, enjoyed exotic holidays and traveled first class on business around the world.  She had a spectacular epiphany in 1998 when she suddenly realized she wasn’t happy, despite everyone else telling her how lucky she was. So she signed over the house, sold all her belongings and set off for a nomadic life, travelling the world, with no ties.

 She has visited over 35 countries and lived in South Africa,  Madagascar, Tanzania, Kenya, an Indian Ocean Desert Island, Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico, Canada and of course, England.  She now lives in Cowichan Bay B.C. with her husband Greg in a float home on the sea and cruises the gulf islands in their Albin 25.

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Her seven year journey around the world helped her to discover her true self  and her purpose to help other people tell their stories and write and publish their books. She founded Inspire A Book coaching and Influence Publishing in 2005 and has now published 20 books, 8 of which have been best-sellers. She encourages first time authors to publish their stories and is on target to publish 50 titles by the end of 2013.


This audio is no longer available, but please visit her site and see how she can help you wrote your book.



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