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0004 Getting back to your Authentic Self

Premiering 09-23-2013 8 am pst. Do you feel like you are walking around with a mask that is covering up the real you?

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Sandy Freschi and I will be talking about the importance of finding, and living your authentic self, and how much it can set you free in life!

When we talk about finding happiness and success people often wonder what the first steps are on their journey.  The first steps involve getting to know YOU, and fully embracing your authentic self in everything you do in life.

Watch this intro video to the show, and join us for an half hour of insight and fun!

Sandy will also be joining me along with the brilliant Diane Jones Thursday, September 26th, 2013 at 12pm ET/9am PT  on Conscious Evolution Media, Path to Joy and Prosperity TV show to expand on this important subject.

Visit this link to watch the show live, or catch the replay on Youtube:

Peace, Love, and Authenticity,

Here is more about the wonderful Sandy Freschi: 

Sandy Freschi, Professional Life Coach / Human Design Specialist

Hello my name is Sandy Freschi. I am a Professional Life Coach who uses Human Design, a cutting edge personality assessment and personal growth tool, to help my clients discover their inner wisdom and use their inner strategy to create success, fulfillment and abundance in their lives.

My personal experience brought me to Human Design in 2009, after the life I had built for 17 years disintegrated.  My coach at the time introduced me to my Human Design type and strategy and helped me develop new approaches to old stressful situations, which quite frankly, saved me years of trial & error and floundering.  When I started my coaching practice in 2012 I was quickly lead back to Human Design.  I recognized the immense value that I received from knowing and practicing my strategy, and knew I had to use it to help others in this way.

The most valuable thing you can gain from experiencing life coaching with Human Design is the ability to eliminate the struggle in your life simply by being your true self.  Just by discovering who you really are, and acting in ways which reflect your truth and make the most of your energy and gifts, you can create a lifestyle full of truly supportive relationships and situations.  So if you are tired of the struggle and are ready to live the life you were born to live, consider embarking on the journey of discovering how to make authentic choices which empower you to be your true self.

For more information on Life Coaching with Human Design go to, or email me at .


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