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0003 Reflect on the Outside What you Are on the Inside,

Premiering 09-16-2013. 8 am PST. This Week’s Show is all about Soul Style

~ Reflect on the Outside What you Are on the Inside, with Guest Eyenie Schultz!

Being and feeling beautiful/handsome is all about mindset!  In this show, we will talk about how self-care and taking time to look your best, combined with only focusing your attention on what you accept/like/love about yourself can totally change the way you live your life, and what people, placed, and things you attract into your life!!!

Eyenie will also be joining me on Conscious Evolution Media, Path to Joy and Prosperity TV LIVE on Thursday, September 19, 2013 at 12:00pm ET/7pm CEST (Eyenie is coming to us from France!!)

Eyenie {pronounced “eh-zje-knee”} is a SoulStyle Coach who knows what it’s like to be frozen in your tracks, watching life and opportunities pass you by because of a poor self-image.

After years of feeling like a hideous, unattractive, unworthy freak and hiding out in the shadows, she began her journey of self-realization and eventually embraced her unique type of beauty and style, and started owning it…this changed everything!

Today, she helps women to love how they look, feel confident, and go after they want, knowing that when what you see in the mirror matches how you feel on the inside, it creates magic!!  She supports women from around the globe from a dreamy medieval city in the South of France where she lives with her dreamboat twin-flame, and one tiny dancer.

“You are beautiful!  You have mad style!  I can prove it!!”

Get to know Eyenie and Download your Free E-Book, “5 Secrets to a Kick-ass Self-image so You Can Finally Start Going After What You Want” at

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