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0003 Get Naked with Pamela

Premiering 09-16-2013 2 pm PST.  Get Naked with Pamela

Conscious Business Conversations

As we shift into a new paradigm in our human, spiritual, personal and business experience, we are able to responsibly share our knowledge and insights, listen deeply to our thought leaders, and engage in conscious conversations. The time for secrets, lies, and living in lack is past. Humanity is slowly awakening to our deepest potential. With awareness we are able to be present to our potential, create opportunities and take action which reward us abundantly. Science has opened us to possibilities which expand our mind, revealing that we have the capacity to heal our brain, our body, and our spirit. When we understand that everything is energy, we are able to harness the power of our own energy. It connects us to each other and every living thing, including the unseen world. Conscious business is about using our intuition, in ways many have forgotten. It is about using our gifts with those we choose to partner with whether in our personal lives or in business.  It is about deepening those relationships, being transparent and vulnerable to speak our truth.

When we choose to do the work to uncover the layers that block us from our true selves, identifying limited beliefs within our sub-conscious, and working with energy and our intuition, we make a shift from living an ordinary life to an extraordinary one. I invite you to show up and get in the conversation.

For more on Pamela members/pamela-lynch/

On October 16, MY NEXT SHOW, we will be having a meaningful conversation about personal core values, and a new method for articulating yours with my first guest who is the dynamic thought leader, Peter Comrie. He is the co-founder and principal coach with Full Spectrum Leadership, and is The Leader’s Coach and a Human Capital Specialist. He became an industrial psychologist more 30 years ago. He has long had a fascination of the human condition, a topic he is well-versed and well-studied in. As an entrepreneur, lecturer, scholar, and specialist in human dynamics, Peter dives headlong into everything he believes in, and excels at most things he does. Passion and enthusiasm are reflected in the results.


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