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0002 Tina Nies welcome to your day affirmations.

Premiering Monday to Friday 7 am 0r 7-30 am pt Tina Nies welcome to your day affirmations.

Tina is on Weight off your mind with Francis and will alternate show times.


Meditation Monday Intro Sept 2 and 16

Every Monday, Tina leads a simple meditation to help us set positive intentions for the week. Meditation Mondays are intended to help us relax into the energy of a new week. These short meditations will integrate positive affirmations personal to you and your needs!

Triumph Tuesday Sept 3 and 17

Each Tuesday, Tina shares interviews and stories of triumphs, big and small, triumphs that come regardless of circumstances. When we acknowledge ourselves for our everyday accomplishments, those little triumphs we don’t normally think too much about, we create more power in reaching our goals so we can celebrate the big things too.

Tina shares an interview with Jennifer Westby, author of “Six Days of Kindness: grieving with love and a purpose.” She is also the founder of and is currently filming a documentary about her work!

Wellbeing Wednesday Sept 11 and 25

On Wednesdays, Tina shares great tips, ideas, and practices from experts around the world that will help us create, receive, and allow well-being in our lives. A balanced mind, body, and spirit helps us face each day with more energy and without feeling we have to “get through hump day!”

Tina shares an interview with The Soul Mate Catalyst, Maeve Crawford. Maeve shares ideas about self-love and

Tina chats with Elise Cohen Ho of Elise shares ideas about creating well-being, looking to fall as new beginning. Read articles and ask questions on her website

Thankful Thursday Sept 12 and 26

Thursdays will be our days to just simply look for the good in our lives, to share gratitude and thanks for the things that mean the most to us. Tina would love to hear what you are grateful for and welcomes your comments and thoughts. If you’d to share your gratitude on the air, please send us an email and we’ll schedule to have you as guest.

Tina shares an interview with Wellness Expert, Kimberly Call, author of “Morning Rituals: how we awaken.” Kimberly shares her 3 Minutes in the Morning practice and you can learn more at

Forgiveness Friday 1 Sept 6 and 20

Fridays are powerful, often we are tired from a busy week and just want to relax, have a good meal, watch a movie, then sleep all weekend. What better way to start the weekend than letting some stuff go, forgiving yourself and others. Forgiveness benefits the forgiver even more than the forgiven. Forgiving others always us to release the power an event or a comment may have over our thoughts about that person or ourselves. Tina will share powerful interviews about forgiveness and amazing, but simple, tools you can use to forgive.

Visit her page members/tina-nies/

Airing Live Monday,repeating Wednesdays & Fridays PST Canada, check show schedules for times. Tune in to  shoutcast-Radio/plv-radio, previous shows can be accessed via soundcloud.plv-radio once aired.


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