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0002 Art of Exaggeration in Philosophical Applications

Premiering 09-09-2013  with Milt Quibner

Airing weekly , Monday,  and repeated on Wednesday & Fridays at 8pm PST Canada on shoutcast-Radio/plv-radio, previous shows can be accessed via soundcloud.plv-radio once aired.

Yes, from here till whenever, I will be exploring the world of sexuality and my own unique views on how to go about navigating the unruly waters of the modern heterosexual relationship. My focus (as it is in my book, How High Should I Jump: The Satirical Guide to Pleasing Today’s Woman) is on some of the more difficult issues one faces in a relationship, from sexual betrayal and jealousy/possessiveness to simply learning how to keep pace with a demanding, independent partner. If you know anything about me, you know my work skirts the edges of the psycho-philosophical and my views are always magnified and exaggerated, to such a degree than even lunkheads and ignoramuses can get what I’m pointing at…I hope!Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights at 8 pm Pacific please join me for my half hour radio show, The Sexual Symposium, on Positive Living Vibration Radio Network!

The shows are repeated throughout the week and are, like my book, a labor of love, so bookmark the link below and tune in this Monday/Wednesday/Friday nights at 8 pm pst:


Airing Live Monday,repeating Wednesdays & Fridays PST Canada, check show schedules for times. Tune in to  shoutcast-Radio/plv-radio, previous shows can be accessed via soundcloud.plv-radio once aired.


Listen online now or download and playback later…


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