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00018 Victim vs Volunteer

Airing December 30th Jan 1st and 3rd 1 pm PST. Devon Keith on  Victim vs Volunteer

“You’re not the victim…You’re the volunteer” 

The Diva Chronicles is a discussion about one woman’s journey to femineity while living in a man’s world.  Being a single mother in a culture where we are under represented is a very tough task.  The stigma that is attached to who we are and what we represent is not true. I hope to teach as I preach!!! The show promises to be humorous yet real.  I intend to open my life to a host of people that I don’t know.  I hope that my vulnerability will help someone else on their journey through life,.

Your host, Devon Keith, intends to take her listeners on a journey of self growth and realization.  Through her own experience, she will speak very openly about mistakes and triumphs in an effort to help others to see that life is all about perception – If you change your perception; you can change your reality. The show is meant to encourage listeners to take risks and unleash their inner Diva!  All listeners are welcomed to comment and request topics.

Devon Keith has been a single mother for 12 years. 

 She characterizes herself as a strong Diva who always has a plan! She was raised in New York by a single mother and her grandmother. Growing up, she thought that single parenting to be the norm; but now finds that it is an unaddressed epidemic.  As an adult, she is surrounded by other single mothers and has found that they all struggle with the same adversities and do not often have the resources to advocate change in their family dynamics.  The purpose of her writing and this show is to evoke a change in thought pattern.

For more on Devon /members/devon-keith/


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