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00017 What is Spirit’s Highest Vision for You?

Airing December 23-25-27th  10 am pst on It’s All Spiritual with Jackie Van Campen.

What is Spirit’s Highest Vision for You?

 In this delightful interview with Million Mamas Movement’s founder, Wendy Silvers takes us on a visioning process to access Spirit’s vision for us at this time. Wendy’s spiritual training and her compassionate and loving energy will help you access your inner wisdom and connect you to your Divine heart. This is an interview not to be missed.

Wendy Silvers, Mama Wisdom Teacher, is the founder and CCO of the Million Mamas Movement.  Through her ongoing inner inquiry as to the highest and best ways to ensure that children are grown with compassion and empathy while supporting  mothers and parents as they parent from a new paradigm,  the inspiration to create the Million Mamas Movement moved across her heart. The MMM is committed to activating and harnessing the unstoppable, innate Universal Mother power within mothers and others that says we want our children and ourselves to have a world that is sustainable and we’re not accepting anything less.

As an Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner/Therapist under the mentorship of Michael Beckwith, Inspirational Speaker, Mama Wisdom Teacher and Women’s Prosperity Coach, Wendy blends the secular and the spiritual offering clear, practical guidance and direction to mothers and women who have a hunger to expand, express and evolve themselves while growing secure and compassionate children. She is the director of the Agape Parenting Ministry. Wendy is a Parent Educator and teaches Compassionate Parenting & Communication providing strategies and tools that support parents in parenting from a new paradigm of empathy, compassion and connection. She has authored parenting articles and is a contributor to the Huffington Post. Since 1984, Wendy has immersed herself in the studies of psychology, transformation, parenting and personal growth. She knows firsthand the pressures and responsibilities of balancing family, work and self-care, especially when you feel you are here on a mission and she knows the steps necessary to experience sustainable prosperity.


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