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00017 Juicy Surprises in 2013 with the New Earth Business Network

Aired December 23/13 pst on Its All Business with Pamela Lynch 

Conscious Reflections: Juicy Surprises in 2013 with the New Earth Business Network

“What one thing did you learn about yourself this year that surprised you the most?”  What a fun question. What is the answer for YOU?

Reflecting with me on the show about this are Wendy Binggeli, Kornelia Dengel, Sacha Fossa, Marlene Trenholm Pye, members with me in the New Earth Business Network. You will find some of our answers and conversation surprising, fun, and well, juicy.

Discover their answers to these questions as well: If there was one action, thought, or feeling you could implement right now to create abundance what would it be? And what would you need to do to achieve it?

The power of our online connections shows up in this conscious conversation, as I met each of these women through networking. We truly cared about each other’s businesses and wanted to know more about how we could assist each other. It led us to deep and insightful conversations and wishing we recorded the last one. So we did.



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Wendy Binggeli ~ Wendy lives and breathes Law of Attraction. Her passion is to help folks to step into their potential to create the lives that they want… and she’s very good at it! Wendy’s specialties are inspiring, coaching, writing and speaking.

Wendy Binggeli

Cloud 9 Coaching

Contact Wendy through or


Kornelia Dengel ~ is respected as a leading edge evolutionary for personal transformation and leadership.  She specializes in Emotional Processing and created a Wholeness Coaching Certification Program, which has brought forth a Universal Community of coaches who are committed to raising the consciousness of the planet. Transformation and radical change are hallmarks for herself and others.  She coaches clients worldwide in the field of spirituality and personal empowerment.

For more information go to

You may call her at 360-941-5783


Sacha L. Fossa ~ Sacred Temple Arts provides high-quality integral healing services, holistic education, and spiritual guidance for your personal growth and renewal. Skype and in person sessions available for singles and couples of any sexual orientation. Sacha assists clients to heal sexually and relationship issues, to become more deeply empowered and embodied in their sensuality and sexuality, and to live a more orgasmic life.

Sacha L. Fossa, ACTE (Advanced Certified Tantric Educator)

Sex, Relationship & Intimacy Coach



Marlene Trenholm Pye ~ Marlene is passionate about the life-changing opportunities offered through NuCerity International.  She loves mentoring, working with, and empowering others to succeed and develop personally and professionally. Marlene believes that the NuCerity business opportunity is truly a gift and would be honored to share it with you, working together blazing new trails while helping inspire and empower people worldwide to look better, feel better and live better.

Visit her website: or contact her at or via facebook at C’s the Day Journey to Diamond.


To learn more about Pamela Lynch click here her past shows  Click here 


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