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00017 How to manifest intentions in life

Airing December 23-25-27th 8 am pst on Dear Angela

How to Manifest Intentions in Life on the Road to Happiness and Success

We talked about the importance of setting intentions the week of December 9th, and Sandy Freschi and Diane Jones are back this week to talk about how to manifest these intentions in your life once you are clear about what you want.

Setting intentions without action, focus, and revisiting for reminders and “tweaking” is like saying “I wish for [blank]”, and then sitting back and waiting for it to show up at your door…it just doesn’t work that way!

We need to STAY focused on what we really want, embody those goals/dreams, and start living it TODAY!!


We will explain how to do this in the upcoming show.

If you missed our first show on intentions, you can listen on Sound Cloud.  Here is our “Sneak Peak” video to watch to brush up on the importance of intentions before listening to how to make them come true

Here is to ALL of your dreams coming true!!

Happy Holidays to ALL!!

Peace and Love,

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