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00016 Relationship Tour Guide

Airing December 18-20-22 10 pm pst on Loving your Sensual side with Tinamarie Bernard with her guest Mary Bicknell, therapist, relationship expert and certified transformational Coach.

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Mary Bicknell, MSW, LCSW,

Relationship Expert and

Certified Transformational Coach

She  is known as the Relationship Tour Guide. Her company focuses on teaching women how to have more love in their lives, not only for their partner but for themselves. Mary has a private practice in Portland Oregon and guides women all across the globe.

At age 37, after several failed relationships, she knew it was time for a change, a radical self change. As a therapist she still had a missing link, she was determined to learn everything she could to become an expert, find love for herself and guide other women along their own ROMANCE ROAD MAP. Mary is in her own amazing relationship, feels loved and cherished every day. She and her husband,  John have built their a family and have been together for almost a decade.

Mary has studied cognitive behavior interventions, is certified in neuro-linguistic programming, and has researched many spiritual practices. Her mission is to have all women know the feeling of being loved, honored and adored every day.

Mary Bicknell helps women turn off auto pilot and get in the driver’s seat of their own relationship, believing love is a grand adventure. Known for her ability to find the blind spots within a relationship, she teaches quick changes are easier than we think. Her popular program, DESTINATION: SOUL MATE, has transformed many mediocre relationships into amazing, mind blowing and magical ones. Visit her over at


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