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00016 Let’s escape normal and live a magical life!!

AirIing  December 16th, Monday repeating Wednesday and Friday at 8am PT/11am ET, or catch it on Sound Cloud the week following!on Dear Angela with Angela Goodeve

Let’s escape normal and live a magical life!! ft Lakesha Brown (Uncommon Chick)

Show airing live on Conscious Evolution Media-Path to Joy and Prosperity show on December 12th at noon ET, or catch it on iTunes the week following the show at:

One of my favourite quotes:

ang jpeg

I love the promise this holds, and can identify with the freedom and joy that comes with truly embracing yourself, and choosing to live outside the box.

It is time we had a mindset shift where we embrace the fact that it is OK to break free from the status quo and do what we REALLY want to do!

Feel like dancing in the rain?  Go for it!

Feel like wearing that funky new jacket?  Why Not?!?

Want to follow your dreams even though everyone is telling you are crazy?  There is No Time Like the Present!!

Here is a sneak peak of our shows:

The next time you are making a decision, ask yourself:

Is this REALLY what I want to do, or this what I think I SHOULD do?

Is this decision based on other people’s expectations, or is this something that is going to bring me joy and happiness?

Go with your heart, go with what you love, go with YOU!!

Peace, Love and Authenticity (in the most uncommon way!!

My Guest

Lakesha Brown, or simply Kesha, is the Uncommon Chick, a personal excellence advisor, blogger, speaker, web designer and consultant, self-proclaimed Mediocrity Escapologist and then some. She believes we should be Fruit Loops in a world full of Cheerios and that life is more interesting when you live it to the fullest, and most importantly, dare to be YOU.

She’s wildly passionate about helping chicks (and some cool dudes) escape normal and discover a more happyful, funlovingness, wondermous, fantabulous existence by creating a life on their own terms, consciously and intentionally. This, she believes, is THE ultimate freedom where great relationships, a positive self-image, productive work/life balance, and fun and adventure exists.

Ultimately, Kesha loves to color outside the lines, think all around the “box” and invites to you to play with her!

Peace and Love,


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