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00015 The Conscious Entrepreneur with Bonita Kay Summers

Airing Dec 9th 2 pm pst on It’s All Business with Pamela Lynch . Join her in a Conscious Business Conversation with Bonita Kay Summers who shares that much of our work as entrepreneurs is about living from the inside out, learning to be present with the entrepreneur within and, at a deep


The multi-faceted approach to Bonita Kay Summers’ work began at age 18, when she started giving intuitive counselling sessions, and discovered that it gave her great joy to be able to offer insight that benefited people.

Over the years, her involvement in the business world in software development, university administration, and as editor of Your Workplace Magazine has given her a rich background from which to draw.  Bonita is a well-respected Business Coach and Motivational Speaker who

offers hiring advice, addresses workplace issues, and answers questions about career change as well as helping to resolve relationship issues and spiritual matters.

Thirty years of experience and training has yielded a number of modalities that address the issues that arise during consultation. Bonita is an Advanced PSYCH-K facilitator, and works directly with you and your subconscious to change limiting beliefs, transform fears, and resolve habits and negative thinking.

She is also a Recognized Therapeutic Touch practitioner and a certified crisis worker.

Workshop coming up in January.

Therapeutic Touch TM Level 1, 2 and 3, Courses with Diane May

Smart Start

You may connect with Bonita through her website, Spirit Kelowna, Clear Guidance for Conscious Living

Phone:    778-755-5887

Toll-Free: 855-755-5887


More on Pamela -shows/members/pamela-lynch/


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