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00014 Give yourself the gift of creativity to enrich your life

 “Dear Angela” with Angela Goodeve. Aired  12-02-213..


Give yourself the gift of creativity…it enriches your life and helps you supercharge your happiness and success!

Have you nourished your soul, and opened yourself to endless possibilities through your creative side?

Did you know that people who are and remain creative throughout their lives live longer and healthier, more fulfilled lives?

Learn more of the benefits of expressing your true authentic self through your innate creativity on these shows…we ALL have it…let’s let our true colours shine through!

Creativity is not just for Artists, and is not just about what we would conventionally think of as ‘art’, such as painting, dance, music, etc…it is about expressing your true authenticity and gifts in your life, and doing what you love with free abandon!



For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:  CLICK HERE


You can be creative in your dress, you can express your creativity through cooking, writing, etc, etc…the key is to wake up the right side of your brain and don’t be too attached to how “good” you are at it…the point is to just start doing it, and noticing all the benefits it brings into your life to express yourself in this way.

The following video is a “sneak peak” at the radio show, and the upcoming Conscious Evolution Media Episode on Path to Joy and Prosperity TV


Mario Guerra’s Bio:

angela 14 q

Is it your desire to live a more authentic life with the ultimate reward of joy, health, and happiness?

If you are interested and ready to listen and learn about a new vision for your life that will inspire you to achieve this goal, then I am here to guide you along the way. I see myself as a “Life Guide”, but not a saviour.

I do this by challenging people to see things from a different angle and thereby create more meaning for themselves in their lives. It is my experience that there are probably more people dead than alive nowadays, and I mean walking dead!

All of us have become a bit like robots, like auto-programmed human beings, myself included in the past. Now that I have “awakened” I can show you how to wake up to a new level of joy and happiness that you have been missing.

In addition to my passion for inspiring you to live the life of your dreams, I have a passion for art: Dancing; Writing; and Painting.

You can learn about:

How Yaka Dance can help you in your Conscious Evolution at:

How reading Inspired me to write, which in addition to Life Guidance from me can give you the knowledge that will help sow those precious seeds of knowledge. Check out my (future new) blog at:

How Artwork can open up your mind to endless possibilities at:

More on Angela Angela-Goodeve SHOWS


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