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00013 Ask Sara What Make-ith a Man?

 “Ask Sara” about What Make-ith a Man. Premiered 11-25-2013. 

Last week I spoke on what makes a women and who decides. This week I look to the men and what makes a man a man. I speak from my perspective, my age, and a lifetime of looking for a man that compliments our relationship.

Are we drawn to the looks? Are we drawn to money?

Could it be fame? 


Are we drawn to power? Or Is it intelligence we seek?

Where does kindness, caring, giving, sharing honor come on our list?

Is it possible we can find all these things in one man? Most unlikely.

When we look for a man as a life partner we need to find someone that speaks to our soul, hears our heart, lifts our spirit, and intrigues our mind.

So when you look for that perfect man for you, stop, who are you and do you love your self? for the love of self is the most important thing in a relationship, so a man that perfect man may know in how to love you.


                      Come hear what I think makes a man a real Man.

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