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00012 What are you waiting for…make those resolutions NOW!

Premiering 11-18-2013 8 am pst. “Dear Angela” with Angela Goodeve, Are you tired of making New Year Resolutions every year that you don’t follow through on?

Perhaps you are so discouraged by the tradition that you don’t even bother anymore assuming that you won’t stick to it anyways?

Well, you are not alone, and it is no wonder!  We are just coming off of the busiest (and most stressful) month of the year for most, we are heading into the coldest weather of the year for those in that climate, AND we are embarking on the time of year that has the highest rates of depression!

Does it make sense that we would be committed to making significant changes in our lives when we are needing to recuperate form the holidays and just getting back into the hustle and bustle that inevitably follows after the holidays at work?

…AND…Why aren’t you starting TODAY on reaching your goals?

Why not start the process, and planning for success so that you can give yourself the gift at Christmas of finally reaching your goal?

Think about it:

Starting action towards your goal now gives you a specific timeframe to reach your goal (by Christmas or January 1);

It gives your goal some leverage by capitalizing on your thoughts RIGHT NOW to make some changes in your life;  AND

It does not come with the baggage of failed attempts towards reaching your goals!!

There is no time like the present I say!

Listen to the show to get some practical tips and inspiration to reach your goals once and for all!

Here is the link to a TV episode I just did with Beveryly Flaxington with the Conscious Evolution Media Network on:

What to do if you feel stuck:

All the power to you!

Ang 🙂

p.s.  Here is the link to ‘Highway of Heros’ by the Trews to help you know that anything is possible with a vision and a purpose:

Show airs Monday, repeating Wednesday and Friday starting November 18th at 8am PT; 11am ET; and 5pm CEST…or listen in Sound Cloud the week following the show for on demand!

For More info on Angela /members/angela-goodeve/


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