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00012 Sleeping Naked after 40

 “Loving your sensual side” with Tinamarie Bernard. Originally aired 11-18-2013 


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“Rosie’s sassy-ness is refreshing and a differentiator in a crowded field of health and wellness.”- Andrea, 52 yr. old, mom of 2 boys. Strength Beyond Muscle can be found online at


Sleeping Naked After 40. As real as it gets.

Sleeping Naked After 40 is a lifestyle. It is the means by which women over 40 can discover, feel and “be” sexy and gorgeous through healthy, natural means. It’s about the freedom of loving their body, feeling comfortable in their skin and most importantly, loving who they really are as they discover the “naked” truth about their one very precious self.


She believes it is every woman’s right and obligation to bring their best self to the world. No, you don’t have to stand on a stage in a bikini. But you can discover your own personal power, not by entering a bodybuilding competition, but by developing the skills to “build” the healthiest, sexiest version of yourself.

As you embrace your personal power, decide to treat yourself with extreme self care and commit to loving yourself fully, the pounds will melt away and your self confidence with rock off the charts.

Your personal power propels you.

Your personal power makes your life amazing.

Your personal power reveals the beauty you’ve kept hidden for too long.

Here are three core principles of Sleeping Naked After 40 that once embraced by your heart will propel you forward in amazing ways They can be applied to any area of your life that needs sizzling so you can feel rockin’ hot and sexy no matter what your age, stage or goal.


1. Lose The Fake Stuff And Get Real -Get your body in the game. You only get one body. Make it an awesome one. It’s not only your right, but your obligation to take care of it. The food you eat directly affects your mood, attitude, andhealth. It’s important to participate fully in the process of nourishing yourself well. Moveyour body daily. Starting with your body gets the rest of you (head and heart) in thegame. When you nourish yourself with pure and “naked” food, the body of your dreams will show up.

2. Become Less Interested In Why You Can’t -Get your head in the game. With patience, courage and understanding, you can do, be or have anything you want. Make up your mind and go and get it. Don’t get lost in excuses that tell you why youcan’t; instead trust and believe that you can, and take the steps necessary, one at atime. Every meal is an opportunity to improve your health. Full participation in all areas of your life will change the way you live.

3. Fall in Love With the Idea -Get your heart in the game. When you are in love, life is amazing. Things look brighter and seem easy. Possibilities appear and things flow. It’s as simple as switching to your heart and falling in love. Fallin love with any idea that helps you to build the healthiest, sexiest, best version of yourself. Fall in love with the idea that you have the personal power to practice extreme self care on you. Embrace and enjoy this journey with the exciting blush of new love and watch as your dreams get bigger, your body gets trimmer, as you get more comfortable Sleeping Naked After 40.

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