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00012 Are you EXACTLY where you were this time last year?

Premiering 11-18-2013 at 1 pm pst. “Love of Self: with Susan Turnbull. 

Are you EXACTLY where you were this time last year?

It HAS to change!

Part 1

The measure of success isn’t whether you have a tough problem, it’s whether it’s the SAME problem you had last year!          (John Foster Dulle)

It HAS to change! Things HAVE to get better! You CAN’T go on like this any longer! You work hard, then you work harder. You do the best you can but NOTHING seems to work! You think this year HAS to be better – then you get to the end of the year and things are EXACTLY the same. You breathe a sigh of resignation. Maybe you just weren’t meant to have things run smoothly, or be happy, or prosperous or just have life unfold for you. Here you are at the end of another year and things continue to unravel.

You were NOT meant to struggle! Life was meant to unfold for you and there are very, very specific reasons things are still the same. Be sure to tune into this week’s show “Breakthrough!” where Susan will give you very specific steps to take to insure that 2014 will NOT be the same as this past year or the year before that.

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                                   Airing Monday repeating Wednesday and Friday at 1 pm pst.


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