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00011 What if you threw out all the rules you have been living by all your life?!?

Premiering 11-11-2013. 8 am pst, Dear Angela with Ang Goodeve and her guest Adam  Quiney

What if you threw out all the rules you have been living by all your life?!?


We are going through life on auto-pilot more and more these days.

We are not even aware that we are being our own Bully with all of the negative and self-defeating thoughts that are running through our minds at a rapid pace.

These “rules”, or limiting beliefs are stopping us from living a true authentic life; are negatively affecting our relationships; and are keeping us back from true happiness and success in life.

Here is an example:

I went through most of my life living by the rule that:  I am not lovable because I am different from everyone else.

I then went on to live my life according to this rule, and to avoid the uncomfortable feeling of my thoughts being incongruent with my behavior I sought out evidence to confirm this as a truth.

This then led to a lifetime of heartache, bouts of depression, and anxiety that got so intense at times I literally could not function in my daily life.

It also led to me seeking out romantic relationships; friendships; and business relationships with people who were so into their egos that they could not love me unconditionally.

ok, so proof of my inherent unlovable nature, right??


What a crock!

Of course I am lovable!  I am kind, giving, funny, successful, positive and fun-loving!

I had just been living in my own story in my head, not embracing my strengths and virtues…and not fully living life!!

Are you living your life to the fullest, or are you caught up in the story you have been telling yourself your whole life?

What would it feel like if you could finally be set free of these self-defeating thoughts about yourself, others, and the world?

Well, I’ll tell you:

You would be happy and successful in every way…you would be FREE!!!

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Are you tired of living a life holding back from expressing your true Authentic Self?

Listen to this show…it is a MUST on your path to joy and prosperity!

Airing LIVE Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8am PT; 11am ET; and 5pm CEST…or listen to the replay the following week on Sound Cloud!

Also check out the show Adam  Quiney (my Guest this week) and I did on the Path to Joy and Prosperity Show for more tips and tricks to living a truly magical life!

Peace, Love, and FREEDOM!!!

Guest Bio:

Adam is an executive and leadership coach, specializing in working with high-performance professionals.  Prior to founding Evergrowth Coaching, he worked as a software project manager, and later, a lawyer. 

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Adam has trained at Erickson Coaching Federation and Accomplishment Coaching, and now leads teams training new coaches in both Seattle and San Diego.  He is committed to powerful leadership, and empowering people to hold leadership as a way of being, always available, regardless of someone’s circumstances or position.

To learn more about Adam, visit his website at:

 More on Angela members/angela-goodeve/


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