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00011 Welcome the Day with Tina.

Premiering 11-11-2013 7 am pst, Weight of your mind with Tina Nies.

Every Monday, Tina leads a simple meditation to help us set positive intentions for the week. Meditation Mondays are intended to help us relax into the energy of a new week. These short meditations will integrate positive affirmations personal to you and your needs!


It’s Well-Being Wednesday!  Tina shares a simple idea about picking one thing you can do today to allow more well-being in your life. A balanced mind, body, and spirit helps us face each day with more energy and without feeling we have to “get through hump day!”

Fridays are powerful, often we are tired from a busy week and just want to relax, have a good meal, watch a movie, then sleep all weekend. J What better way to start the weekend than letting some stuff go, forgiving yourself and others. Forgiveness benefits the forgiver even more than the forgiven. Forgiving others always us to release the power an event or a comment may have over our thoughts about that person or ourselves. Tina will share powerful interviews about forgiveness and amazing, but simple, tools you can use to forgive.


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