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00011 Conscious Hiring: The 5 C’s of a Great Hire

Premiering 11-11-2013 “It’s All Business”  Conscious Business Conversations with Pamela Lynch and her guest Barbara Ashton.

Join Barbara Ashton and I as we talk about Conscious Hiring in our discussion today, and what that means to Barbara who is a leader in Values Based Hiring. We talk about the most significant change Barbara has seen in her 25 plus years in recruitment and the impact it has had on organizations, management and employees.  Barbara also shares with you “The 5 C’s of a Great Hire” which will soon be available as a free download on her website.

“When a person’s talents and values are aligned with the skills and culture of the company they work for, they always perform better and are happier at work.”  ~ Barbara Ashton

Barbara Ashton, Founder & Chief Recruiter at Ashton & Associates Recruiting, Inc., has 25 years recruitment expertise, and is a leader in values-based hiring. Barbara has earned a great reputation as a focused Executive Search and Recruitment professional.

Working with Ashton & Associates is about getting the right people into the right positions at the right time.  They are more than just a BC Recruiter. They understand that the wrong employee can be very expensive and the right employee can be worth his or her weight in gold. They do more than just fill your position with the top qualified applicant, they learn about your specific industry and organizational culture to ensure a long-term fit. They help you find the best skilled employees in British Columbia and Alberta.

It’s also the place to come to for the ideal job. If you are looking for a new position with a great employer in British Columbia or Western Canada Barbara’s team can help. Whether it’s full time or temporary work you want, rest assured any career opportunity they present to you will be in line with your interests and qualifications. Check out their job board at

To get in touch with Barbara Ashton and her team at Ashton Associates, please visit her at:

SHOWS AIR Monday repeated Wednesday & Friday 2 pm pst.


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