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00010 Understanding Empowerment: What We Feed, Expands.

Premiering 11-04-2013 9 pm pst with Mary Elizabeth Hoffman and The Cat Beings. Understanding Empowerment:  What We Feed, Expands

Tools, techniques and personal experiences to inspire, empower and encourage active participation in co-creating a world of Light, Life and Love shared by Mary Elizabeth Hoffman and her guides, The Cat Beings.

DEBUTING on Nov. 4, 6 & 8.9 pm pst. 

“The Wisdom of the Ancients and the knowledge of the present technologies can no longer be viewed as opposites.  For us to survive as a species it in imperative that we put into action honoring the past, living the present and creating future.” Excerpt from Empowering Sacredness: Wisdom For Everyday Living by Mary Elizabeth Hoffman.

More on Mary members/mary-elizabeth-hoffman/


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