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00010 Sliding into Sensual with Shana James

Originally Premiered 11-04-2013 10 pm pst. “Loving your sensual side” with Sherri Nickols. Sliding into Sensual with her guest Shana James.

How embracing your sensuality helps you embrace the fullness of your feminine essence and brings you the love and passion you desire.

Shana James is a co-founder of the Authentic Woman Experience (AWE), a series of life-changing workshops, coching and products for women. She has a masters in integral psychology.


In addition to coaching women, Shana has been an ally and confidant to thousands of men who turn to her to understand how women think and what women want. Shana has appeared in panels alongside brilliant teachers such as SARK, Mama Gena, Cheri Huber and Mastin Kipp. She integrates the wisdom of creativity, yoga, meditation, tantra, travel, women’s circles and mothering to help people stay vital and inspired, especially in relationship. Shana lives in the San Francisco Bay area with her amazing son, 


More on Sherri /members/sherri-nickols/


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