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00010 Allow Vulnerability to Bring Success and Happiness Into Your Life!

Premiering 11-04-2013 “Dear Angela” This show was pre-recorded on Halloween, and followed that theme talking about fear, and its relation to vulnerability 😉

It was recorded on the heels of a powerful show recorded on CEM TV-Path to Joy and Prosperity…watch it here:

I made myself totally vulnerable in this episode ft @Diane Jones (a safe place)…I feel so liberated!!!

Do YOU face your fears and make yourself vulnerable?

Do you open yourself up to the personal empowerment and advantages of allowing yourself to be happy and successful in life?

Do you need to improve your business or relationship(s)?

You won’t want to miss this show where I elaborate on this integral piece of our personal development journey to happiness and success!! sure to watch the TV show (link above) for more stories and tidbits on facing fears…AND allowing love, joy and prosperity into your life!!

Leave your stories and feedback here, or contact me through my website/blog at:


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