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0001 Milt Quibner’s Sexual Symposium:

Premiering 09-02-2013. 8 pm pt. Relationships

Milt Quibner’s Sexual Symposium:


Meet Milt Quibner…

IMG_milt (2) (231x300)

As a Heterosexual Relationship Specialist and Pre-Classical scholar, my work blends modern relationship themes and issues with a Classical/Pre-Classical reference points. In short, I take a non-psychological approach to understanding and sorting out heterosexual relationship issues; rather than offering what I call ‘psycho-babblical band-aids’ for what I feel are more character issues, the Sexual Symposium will investigate, explore and examine the state of modern sexual relationships and offer long-term philosophical insights and observations aimed at developing the entire individual. Employing a generous level of humor and self-deprecation while refusing to adhere to politically-correct and ultimately empty platitudes, the half-hour Sexual Symposium will explore contemporary themes relevant to modern couples including but not limited to the following themes:

Freeing Woman to explore the world of her choosing

The Dating Dilemma facing Women: who really is Modern Man and why is he such a wimp

The Absurdity of Monogamy, and making judgments of each other’s behavior

The end of Male Dominance and the beginning of the Era of Women

Perspectives on the Feminist Revolution and Man’s lack of response

The Effortlessness of Pornography and the Internet Revolution

Modern Woman’s Obsession with Perfection

As the show develops, I will bring in several guest experts, including my wife, Mia, an Intuitive Life Coach, as well as relevant archive material.



Listen online now or download and playback later…


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